About FWHealth

In the evolving attack surfaces owing to diversifying business delivery channels it is quite evident the Security Gateways capacities may exhaust sooner than the scheduled timelines. Also there is a likelihood of more security controls or greater number of security attributes that may be augmented on the existing Security Gateways and the capacities start to shrink at faster gradient than the expected or experience rate of capacity exhaustion. In either of the situation there is a definite need to get the snapshot of available capacity vis-à-vis consumed resources for any Security Gateway that is far more granular than the real time statistics of CPU & Memory.

If the setup for your organization involves few 10’s or few 100’s of Security Gateway then the business need goes further to even build a companywide heat map of the appliances/gateways that may be left with zero or less oxygen (available capacity). So the desired tool should also help building a heat map for such gateways while working on complex attributes or variables of capacity analysis.

Last, but not the least your company may want the turnaround time, planning time before going for any technology refresh of the Security Gateways with shrunken capacities. So there is an expectation of tool that may help building these heat maps by employing the automation, thus facilitating the operations’ team to generate capacity reports at a click of mouse at any time.

FWHealth is one such tool that addresses these use cases for all the customers that have deployed one or hundreds or thousands of CheckPoint Security Gateways. FWHealth has two components, Collector & Reporter. The collector instance is an on premise VM that gets installed on any open server that may run the VM and in turn has a TCP/IP connectivity to the management IP addresses of all the Check Point Security Gateways whose real time capacity needs to be reviewed. The 2nd component of FWHealth is the Reporter, that has been hosted in the public cloud infrastructure and you may submit the collector generated file(s) to the cloud and you get this report.

About QOS Technology

Expert in providing highly efficient network security and mobile security services, QOS Technology is amongst the leading system integrator and professional service business entity across the Indian sub-continent region. With our projects revolving around network security deployments that include Check Point security gateways, post-deployment training, preventive maintenance and remote & onsite support, our team is able to handle simple to complex tasks for both small and large scale enterprises.

QOS Technology was founded by former R&D professionals from Check Point Software Technologies Inc. and an award winning team composed of professionals with an extensive experience on handling Firewalls, IPS, Network Security Gateways, VOIP & Telepresence Solutions and so on.

For more information, write to info@qostechnolgy.in or visit qostechnology.in