You have to download full_logcollector script to automate log collection from multiple devices. If it's not too much trouble, Please download the user manual to learn about how you can setup your system to capture log files from multiple Check Point gateways.
You first need to register yourself and then login to download the required script and documentation. Click here to register your account on this portal.

    Yes, You can run this script on Standalone Deployment as well.

    No, You should run the logcollector script on Gateways or Standalone setups only.

    Every command which will keep running amid log collection is not CPU intensive. You can refer to User Guides to know how to stop the script whenever required. We have run our scripts on multiple systems and never confronted any execution issue. However, it is firmly proposed that you run the command with legitimate care on the production network.

    Please, Login to your Dashboard and go to Download Script section where you will find everything you need to know to help you get started with running our script.

    If you don't have an account, Click here to register for a free account. 

    An output file with the name DeviceLogs.txt will be stored in /var/log/LogScript folder on your Check Point Gateway. You need to upload this file in your FWHealth Dashboard to download the PDF report. Visit to register your account and login to your dashboard to generate the health report of your firewall device. You can also upload a Zip file.

    We have tested our script output for GAIA. However, there is no support for both SPLAT and IPSO as of now.

    There is no hard and fast rule. But for greater visibility over your Firewall devices, we will highly recommend generating the report at least once in three months to keep checking the wellbeing of your firewall devices.

    We gather a variety of data by utilizing standard Check Point and Linux commands. You can simply check the output in DeviceLogs.txt and see what all information we have captured. A portion of the sample commands which we run are:  fw tab - t connections, fw ver, netstat, fwaccel and so on.

    Please, write to, One of our engineers will get back to you with additional information.

    No. Currently,  our script supports standard Check Point firewall gateways only. If you are looking for health report on VSX Gateways,  We request you to write an email to

    Currently fwhealth does not support Check Point Management Server, VSX,44000,61000,64000, Crossbeam, Virtual Gateways, Cloud Virtual Gateways, Small office appliances such as 7xx, 14xx