For better management of Security Gateways, our report entails all essential information making it easy for security administrators
to screen the health status of their firewall devices. Now perform a full body check-up of Check Point gateway, a routine but very critical exercise
to fix symptoms before any production outages will take place. From memory status and CPU usage to cluster management,
nothing has been missed to help you building up a secured environment.

Effective memory utilization plays a very important role in keeping your gateways healthy. From knowing about how your memory is being utilized to finding out whether memory upgrade is required and supported by your gateway, our report covers it all in a well designed PDF document.

CPU is the most critical part of any appliance. Most outages happen when the CPU utilization reaches 100%. Discover how CPU is being utilized and take precautionary action if needed.

SecurXL is the magic sauce which accelerates packets at almost line rate. It is very important to keep a healthy configuration of SecureXL setting. Mapping of interfaces with correct SNDs are very crucial for high performance of your Check Point firewall. Upload your Log files and discover everything you need to know for better SecureXL management.

CoreXL feature of Check Point allows a customer to keep on enhancing the performance of their Check Point gateways by utilizing multi-core architecture effectively. Have you ever realized that all cores are not made equal? Are you intrigued in knowing which Core is being utilized for what purpose? Much to your help, this report captures it all.

FWHealth report will not only delineate about what is working in your gateway and what requires attention, but also suggests recommendations based on the data collected. This is something like a senior Check Point expert looking at your logs and giving you suggestions based on their extensive experience.

Customize your reports to the fullest by leveraging the white labeling feature, to tailor your reports to be more client specific. You can upload your client's logo to white label your report as shown below